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Our Coconut Based Beverages

Auric is a Beauty & Wellness beverage based on the Anti-Ageing wisdom of Ayurveda in Coconut Water. Auric’s true power comes from the foundation it is based on. All their beverages are crafted with Ayurvedic Science, and they don’t need any artificial chemicals to deliver the Functional Benefits. They don’t allow any negative ingredients in their products. Pure functional efficacy, delivered by herbs.

Volcanic Drinking Water

The Kelzai Volcanic Water source is in the former volcanic Sahyadri Range. Every drop of rain for Kelzai Volcanic Mineral Water passes through various layers in the basaltic lava flows. The water moves through the aquifer of weathered basalt and moderately fractured basalt which act as natural filters. Kelzai Volcanic Water is bottled directly at the source in a state of the art bottling facility to maintain the quality and character of the water. As the first company in India Kelzai has introduced an environmentally friendly 100% biodegradable bottles.


Oxo-Biodegradable Plastic Additive

We have partnered with an innovative, eco-friendly techno-company based in Sweden, which has developed a new-generation additive that can be used in the preparation of masterbatches to make virtually any plastic product biodegrdable within a year. This, under most conditions of the environment, including air and water. The product does not require any change in machinery or equipment, and is easy to use in the manufacturing process, requiring a maximum of 2% of the batch for fast-acting biodegradation. The end product can be used as a top-quality fertiliser or recycled back into the plastic industrial process.

Plastic Enhancer and Filler

Our high-grade polymer fillers and enhancers can be used to decrease the cost of raw materials whilst maintaining the quality, durability and strength of conventional plastic polymers, contributing to as much as 60% of the total volume of the batch. Together with our Plastic Additive above, companies are seeing a collective 20 to 30%% decrease in raw material costs for their batches.

Oxo-Biodegradable Sanitary Pads

This affordable sanitary pad will promote hygiene, is easy to dispose of and keeps the environment clean. It will also restore the dignity of millions of women across Africa who have never had access to sanitary pads.

Oxo-Biodegradable Diapers

Oxo-biodegradable diapers are designed to protect the health of the baby and the environment. The diapers are made using sustainable raw materials, giving eco-conscious parents a more earth-friendly alternative to conventional disposables. Adult diapers are available as well.

Oxo-Biodegradable Shopping, Food Grade, Bio-Hazard and Refuse Bags

To put it simply, something is oxo-biodegradable when it breaks down once exposed to sunlight and oxygen. Plastic bags and most plastic products become oxo-biodegradable bags when a special additive is added to the manufacturing process. We have a vast array of packaging options that can be tailor-made to your needs.


Oxo-Biodegradable Cutlery and Crockery

Our cutlery and crockery are of a very high quality which allows for a very strong and stiff design that does not break easily. These are available in a wide range of sizes or can be made bespoke for client-specific purposes.

Nano Coatings

NANOCOP series has been conceived as dirt- and water repellent, anti-corrosive treatment for inorganic substrates such as glass, ceramics, and enameled surface. It is thanks to the optimised chemical composition, combined with a new method of pretreatment, that NANOCOP series defines new standards for nanotechnological coating systems. NANOCOP series is a coating system exclusively designed for industrial application, forming a network-structured layer of nanoparticular size (< 30 nm), which bonds to the substrate‘s surface in a purely chemical way.

Soil Revitalisers

Improves soil quality, softens the hardened land, balances the pH value, and improves permeability, Improves the water retention ability of the soil, and prevents soil erosion. Unlocks the natural fertility of soil itself reactivates the dormant fertiliser residue and ensures restoration of biodiversity.

Eco-Friendly and Energy-Saving LED Lights and Fixtures

Our eco-friendly and energy saving lights will ensure that you do your part in saving our environment. We have a range of lighting solutions for the home, business and community at large, at affordable prices. Our products are durable and quality-guaranteed.

Water Purification Systems

This product (Silvertex) is a self-adjusting and self-regulating economic system, made from a fabric, and used in smaller water systems. The silver-ion release is limited due to a chemical balance between the released silver ions and natural components in the water. This means the silver-ion concentration will always be constant. It improves water and bottom soil quality. It is suitable for seawater and freshwater.

For the larger water systems, we use the EL-Klär products, which is a fluid that is specifically designed to work on removing impurities in the water.

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